Exhaust Canopies & Ducting

Exhaust Canopies & Ducting Albury Stainless Steel

Exhaust Canopies & Ducting

At Albury Stainless Steel we have invested countless hours and resources into the design and innovation of our custom extraction hoods. We design each and every hood to suit its particular location and application with all site-specific factors taken into account.

HVAC is an extremely complex science, with many aspects to consider. The team at Albury Stainless Steel have the experience and knowledge base to ensure your extraction system is functional, practical, safe and most of all compliant. We use a number of Australian standards, including 1668 Part 1-2 as a minimum on all our exhaust canopy design/installs to ensure all the above criteria are met.

We custom make exhaust canopies and range hoods for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications, providing everything from initial measurements to a certificate of compliance on completion.

With our specific industry knowledge and high attention to detail, we pride ourselves on being able to offer complete custom extraction solutions, ensuring customer needs are fully explored, understood and agreed.