BBQ & Alfresco

BBQ & Alfresco Designs Albury Stainless Steel

BBQ & Alfresco

Albury Stainless Steel can make your dream BBQ & alfresco area a reality. We have focussed countless hours into this facet of our skillset to ensure your outdoor kitchen is not only your favourite place to cook but the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

Depending on the job requirements we also have our own extraction hoods to suit said BBQs. With the residential construction sector booming, BBQ and Alfresco areas are becoming a standard in many new homes.

The consumer demand and changes in this space has seen our designs evolve to incorporate the many new products on the market today

See below for some of what we can offer:

  • Integrated ‘Weld in’ sink bowls, wet areas, draining boards, scrape holes
  • Benchtop/cabinetry design to suit a range of Proprietary BBQs
  • Custom extraction systems that ensure functionality
  • Utilising quality hardware with many options eg soft close, push to open ETC
  • Drawers/doors/shelving to suit the customers’ requirements
  • Custom coloured insert panelling (almost endless range)