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Make your dream BBQ & Alfresco

Albury Stainless Steel can custom make many designs for not only your
BBQ & Alfresco but for kitchens, bars and many more applications.


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on pushing the boundaries
We are focused


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Family owned and operated business

Albury Stainless Steel

Albury Stainless Steel is a complete bespoke sheet metal manufacturing business operating predominately in the commercial kitchen/hospitality space. Albury Stainless Steel’s reputation for extremely high-quality craftsmanship precedes them, this being formed over many years of hard work and dedication to continuous improvement and innovation.

It is these attributes and eye for detail that has seen their spot cemented in the commercial kitchen/hospitality/fabrication sectors. Here at Albury Stainless Steel we use cutting-edge CAD and laser technologies to aid in our pursuit of perfection

Residential Kitchens

Stainless steel is a neutral colour merging well in any modern kitchen.

BBQ & Alfresco

BBQ and Alfresco areas are becoming a standard on many new homes.

Exhaust Canopies

Custom made exhaust canopies and Range Hoods for any application.

Commercial Kitchens

We work with your suppliers and sub-contractors ensuring top quality.

Bars & Cafés

We do the bar design, functionality, drain trays, ice wells and more.

Architectural Work

We have access and the capabilities to work with a range of materials.


View the latest projects that Albury Stainless Steel have completed
Elk at Falls – Bar & Apartments Refurbishments

Elk at Falls – Bar & Apartments Refurbishments

Working closely with multi-award-winning architects Coy Yiontis & Damien from Alpine Building; design, fabrication & installation were all part of the package supplied by our team.
Albury High Table Tennis Tables

Albury High Table Tennis Tables

Competition sized table tennis tables handmade right here in Albury, utilising cutting edge CAD (computer-aided design) & CNC laser cutting. Available with custom colours and fit for even the harshest of environments.

Residential Showpiece Sink

Residential Showpiece Sink

“Architectural showpiece” That was the design brief from our long-standing customer Jason from Jason Smith Constructions. With that in mind and a couple must have items it didn’t take long to have a solid design ready for production.
Commercial Club Albury Brewhouse

Commercial Club Albury Brewhouse

Albury Stainless Steel was engaged in the design & build process of Albury’s first brewhouse. Careful consideration of layout and design was implemented to showcase the brewhouse.